In this age of the cloud and of big data, it’s easy to think of digital data as purely intangible. However, data always exists within […]

Sounder and Relay (2010), with Ben Chang Computer, two channel video projection, custom software, electronics, telegraph equipment Sounder and Relay is a meditation on online […]

4-channel sound composition ( 4 dancers, Wii controllers, Max/MSP patch), for Compositions for Bit, a multimedia performance directed by Katherine Behar. Performed at Judson Church, New […]

  This project is part of a series of virtual reality environments and new media installations that explore facets of the telegraph using contemporary technology. […]

2012 digital game / interactive installation Participation May Vary is a game I designed for the Asian-American performance art duo Disorientalism (Katherine Behar and Marianne […]

2010, single-channel video, 43 minutes The TV show Law and Order is one that I think of as a kind of television version of comfort […]

The Hands Off Arcade, Saratoga City Center, First Night 2012 Interactive installations and experimental games by Shawn Lawson, Ben Chang and Silvia Ruzanka, reimagine the […]

2002-2003 Interactive Performance Collaborative project with the collective TangentLab The Jackal Project was a series of collaborative performances and installations with the TangentLab collective, a […]

2003 Variable Dimensions Interactive Robotic Installation Collaborative project with Ben Chang and Dmitry Strakovsky In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the […]

2006 Website and Peformance Information Farm harvests crops of local information from data fields in the Post-Soviet (Postsovkhoz) village of Mooste, Estonia. The Farm is […]

2001-2004 2min 30 sec Single Channel Video Loop The late Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, was famous for saying “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred […]

  Immersive VR environment, 2006, with Ben Chang Dots and Dashes is an interactive narrative in virtual reality using the CAVE. It’s loosely based on […]

Augmented reality installation for mobile devices, 2010 Bee colony collapse disorder, a sudden population decrease in a hive’s worker bee population, is a phenomenon without […]

2002, 2004 Variable Dimensions Interactive Computer Installation and on-line 3D environment “bit rot” : n. A hypothetical disease of binary data, using an analogy to […]

<a href=””><img class=”size-medium wp-image-153 alignnone” title=”Becoming” alt=”” src=”×226.jpg” width=”202″ height=”158″ /></a><img class=”size-medium wp-image-154 alignleft” title=”Becoming” alt=”” src=”×226.jpg” width=”202″ height=”158″ /> <p style=”text-align: left;”>2007 Realtime 3D […]

Performance with mobile augmented reality app (iOS and Android), 2013 Research/Synthesis/Implementation (Katherine Behar, Ben Chang, Silvia Ruzanka) appARel (There’s An App For That Shirt)  is […]