The making of art is the making of the future from the past

–the Jackal Manifesto

As a media artist, I am fascinated by both new and old technologies. My work is centered around the representation and construction of time through technology, particularly the tension between progress and obsolescence. New technologies emerge devoid of any sort of history, in an accelerated cycle of innovations that continually erase what preceded them. My goal is to critique the rhetorics of new technologies while imbuing them with elements of human experience.

There are four strategies that I employ: connecting new media with its often-forgotten history of technological visual spectacle; repurposing old technology to give it new life; applying the effects of time to technologies that are intended to be pristine and eternal; and disrupting the function and content of technologies and media. My most recent work focuses on the disruption of commonplace technological systems, instilling them with human frailties. The current trajectory of my work expands on these ideas, working with the deconstruction of content and media.