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Traversing the Sectors

In this age of the cloud and of big data, it’s easy to think of digital data as purely intangible. However, data always exists within a physical device, whether that’s the hard drive, the computer memory, or the network switch. I’m interested in this materiality […]

Sounder and Relay

Sounder and Relay (2010), with Ben Chang Computer, two channel video projection, custom software, electronics, telegraph equipment Sounder and Relay is a meditation on online romance in the age of the telegraph.  Two video projections show computer-generated figures in Victorian interiors.  As the two tap […]

Traversing the Sectors

4-channel sound composition ( 4 dancers, Wii controllers, Max/MSP patch), for Compositions for Bit, a multimedia performance directed by Katherine Behar. Performed at Judson Church, New York City, December 2010 Compositions for Bit is an interactive art concert that paid tribute to Disney’s 1982 movie Tron and its handmade […]

Spiritual Telegraph

  This project is part of a series of virtual reality environments and new media installations that explore facets of the telegraph using contemporary technology. Beyond its practical uses, the telegraph introduced the idea of utopian electronic space and the idea of changing human consciousness […]

Participation May Vary

2012 digital game / interactive installation Participation May Vary is a game I designed for the Asian-American performance art duo Disorientalism (Katherine Behar and Marianne M. Kim) for the performance installations Brown Bagging and Quality is Our Recipe.  In this part of the series The Food […]


2010, single-channel video, 43 minutes The TV show Law and Order is one that I think of as a kind of television version of comfort food.  On continuous daily rotation on cable, it recedes into background noise, a warm media bath of familiar sounds and […]

Levitation/ Hands Off Arcade

The Hands Off Arcade, Saratoga City Center, First Night 2012 Interactive installations and experimental games by Shawn Lawson, Ben Chang and Silvia Ruzanka, reimagine the video arcade using the Kinect, with live electronic music by Ipagos.  

The Jackals

2002-2003 Interactive Performance Collaborative project with the collective TangentLab The Jackal Project was a series of collaborative performances and installations with the TangentLab collective, a group of artists, designers and hackers. In the guise of the “jackals”, a band of masked cyborg technology scavengers, we […]

(In)Security Camera

2003 Variable Dimensions Interactive Robotic Installation Collaborative project with Ben Chang and Dmitry Strakovsky In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the use and sophistication of electronic surveillance systems in public space, in both physical and information space. In Chicago, for example, […]

Information Farm

2006 Website and Peformance Information Farm harvests crops of local information from data fields in the Post-Soviet (Postsovkhoz) village of Mooste, Estonia. The Farm is operated by four Post-Orwellian Pigs who, along with an undercover feline colleague, boarishly solicit ethnographic field data from the village […]

Ginger Minus Fred

2001-2004 2min 30 sec Single Channel Video Loop The late Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, was famous for saying “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels.” In Ginger Minus Fred, Fred Astaire is erased from a dance sequence […]

Dots and Dashes

  Immersive VR environment, 2006, with Ben Chang Dots and Dashes is an interactive narrative in virtual reality using the CAVE. It’s loosely based on the book “Wired Love – A Romance in Dots and Dashes,” written in the 1860’s by a former telegraph operator, […]

De Ondas y Abejas

Augmented reality installation for mobile devices, 2010 Bee colony collapse disorder, a sudden population decrease in a hive’s worker bee population, is a phenomenon without a clear explanation.  One theory has been that radiation from cellphones and cellphone towers is the cause.  Though there is […]


2002, 2004 Variable Dimensions Interactive Computer Installation and on-line 3D environment “bit rot” : n. A hypothetical disease of binary data, using an analogy to radioactive decay to explain the way that computer programs and files seem to get corrupted or stop working over time […]


<a href=””><img class=”size-medium wp-image-153 alignnone” title=”Becoming” alt=”” src=”×226.jpg” width=”202″ height=”158″ /></a><img class=”size-medium wp-image-154 alignleft” title=”Becoming” alt=”” src=”×226.jpg” width=”202″ height=”158″ /> <p style=”text-align: left;”>2007 Realtime 3D computer animation Collaborative project with Ben Chang</p> <a href=””><img class=”size-medium wp-image-155″ title=”Becoming” alt=”” src=”×192.jpg” width=”288″ height=”226″ /></a>&nbsp; My most recent […]

appARel (There’s an app for that shirt)

Performance with mobile augmented reality app (iOS and Android), 2013 Research/Synthesis/Implementation (Katherine Behar, Ben Chang, Silvia Ruzanka) appARel (There’s An App For That Shirt)  is a performance / fashion show combining garment and textile design with augmented reality.  Audience members view the performance using a […]