As an artist who works with virtual reality, my work often involves a research component, developing tools and technologies necessary to create the artwork.

Virtual Reality Interfaces

ERL Mandarin Project Teahouse_medium

I’m working with several faculty members at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Marc Destefano, Rebecca Rouse and Yalun Zhou, and RPI undergraduate students Jacky Doll and Nicole Kwann on creating and evaluating single and multi-user interfaces for the CAVE.  We’re looking at interfaces including wand-based interaction, head-tracked viewing for multiple users, and interactive table interfaces, to explore new ways of using the CAVE display technology for different applications.

The Lost Manuscript


The Immersive Intelligent Learning Environments research initiative at RPI creates and evaluates learning methods and environments using game design, immersive environments, AI and intelligent tutors.  The Lost Manuscript is a course in Mandarin Chinese, designed as a semester-long narrative game.  Using the CAVE at the Emergent Reality Lab, students are virtually transported to Beijing on a search for a rare book, building language skills and cultural competencies along the way.   In December 2013 we completed our first proof-of-concept module from the course, a scene in a Beijing teahouse in which students learn “Gong-fu Cha”, a traditional and elaborate way of making tea.  The project is being produced by a team of faculty and students at RPI.  My role is a Lead Animator, producing character animation for interactive virtual characters, including “Mrs. Ling,” who teaches the students the tea ceremony.